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Energy Drinks - Are They Recommended For A Diabetic?
By Kathi Jo Robinson

Energy drinks have infiltrated every corner of the quick grab-and-go beverage industry in our lives. This type of beverage is now found at the grocery store, beer and soda outlet, the corner store, gas stations, fast food outlets, sports arenas, and even from the soda machine sitting on a street sidewalk in front of a storefront. Almost anywhere you stop, if cold drinks are served, many selections of energy drinks are usually part of your selection.

What Is The Purpose Of Energy Drinks

Do you remember when energy drinks were first introduced to the market? In those days, all of the advertising of these drinks was targeted for individuals which commonly played in high-energy sporting events as an electrolyte booster. The ads promoted the philosophy they could help you maintain endurance during any type of strenuous workout. Most of your major sporting events were

targeted because of the stamina and endurance needed to sustain high levels of energy from the beginning to the end of the game. Over time, the advertising/marketing started including everyday laborers such as landscapers, roofers, road and building construction employees because of the high heat and long hours in the full sun. Energy drinks were touted as an easy way to stay hydrated during those long hot summer days. With time, there was another marketing shift. Electrolyte boosters and hydration beverages became known as Energy Drinks. Nothing had actually changed in the products themselves, it was just a shift in advertising focus. This shift of focus brought an entire new market of consumers.

How To Sell To The General Masses

Do you need energy? Are you tired? A few hours at work and you just seem all worn out but only half the day is gone. Or did the long boredom of another day at school drag you down so much you now need a quick lift in spirits - or Energy? The entire population grabbed a hold of this marketing campaign. Adults who spend all day at desks, kids at school, the workforce itself, whether they are white collar, blue collar, CEO's or the sick or elderly. Everybody needs energy! Now they sell it for us right from a bottle! Drink one bottle and within 15 to 30 minutes your body already is on a new high. Your mind works quicker, you are more energetic, your step is lighter. You realize you just feel so good. That bottle actually works. You can hardly believe all these advantages just came from a bottle. But, did anyone ever stop to wonder why?

Reading The Ingredient Label

One of the common denominators of a quick high in the body is a fast dose of carbohydrates. Carbs equals energy. Carbs also means sugar to your digestive system. Sugar in its many different forms comes inside that bottle. But no one went ahead and read the ingredient label to figure that out. All they really know is the stuff really does work. Tomorrow they will do it again because it took that edge off and made the time go so much faster - at least for a while. After 2 to 3 hours, the "crash" started again. Tired, sleepy and getting sluggish. That clock just will not move. The hands are froze in place on that dial. You would think by now it would be time to go home and yet the clock says there is still 1 to 2 hours to go. Should I have another drink and hope for more energy? If I don't, in a couple of hours it will be time to go home and who wants to leave work feeling like the "walking dead".


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