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It's Not Enough to Eat Healthy
By David Goes

A few years ago I attended OHI's detox program where I learned for the first time the benefits of a raw food diet. At the end of one of the lectures the presenter said "... but if your mind is negative, then it does not matter what you eat. You will be susceptible to disease."

Hearing that changed my attitude towards life completely. It is not only important to have a healthy body, but also a healthy mind and spirit. The following are some ways to get motivated and release those mental toxins:

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  • Fresh Air. Exercising and deep breathing help to get more oxygen down to the cellular level. Walking on the beach or garden barefoot, while taking deep breaths is a wonderful and fun way to receive oxygen in the body. Plus, you will get grounded at the same time by allowing your bare feet to touch the earth. The abundance of free flowing negative ions that the earth supplies when we walk on the beach detoxifies and removes free radicals that build up to cause pain and stress in our body. Our article Treasures at the Beach and video Get Grounded on our website discusses grounding in more detail.

  • Prayer / Meditation. Bad emotions, such as guilt and anger can put the body into a stressful and toxic state. As a result, some people will self-medicate themselves by eating junk food and sweets or not eating at all. But taking the time to pray or meditate can give you peace of mind, and a loving and forgiving spirit to overcome bad emotions. Setting some quiet time aside, for example 30 minutes per day, can allow you to put life's pressures into proper perspective.

  • Gardening. This is a great way to release stress. Digging your fingers into the dirt and squeezing it with bare hands can be very uplifting. Plus you are getting grounded at the same time. As you trim your plants and remove weeds from your garden, you are also weeding out your mental problems, coming to terms with issues, and finding that solutions pop up without any effort at all. Most issues are easy to handle individually with thought and planning, but when they mount up like weeds they grow and take a life of their own. So make sure to weed out that mental garde.


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