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If Restaurant Equipment is of interest to you, then there really is no better resource than the Restaurant Equipment Website . Now we aren’t just talking to restaurant owners here. We are talking to all of you that have ever had that feeling when you’ve been in a restaurant, where you have thought to yourself, why is it, when I try this, it doesn’t ever look or taste like this? I think most of us have done this at one point and I would venture to say that in many cases, it’s because we are using the wrong tools. Most of our kitchens, have the bare essentials for cooking and we often ‘make do’ by fashioning a

tool for one specific use, into one for many uses. The fact of the matter is that although we are able to ‘get by’ or ‘make do’ we are sabotaging our own efforts to reproduce restaurant quality food or drink. Having said this, I am not suggesting for one minute that we should all go out and by wholesale; commercial cookers, ice makers and pizza ovens. I am just saying that we can usually without too much trouble get our hands on some of the equipment that would actually help us in our own kitchens.

There is even a way we can do this and save money – Buy used! Used kitchen equipment is usually a better bet than used refrigeration equipment because it has a longer shelf life, usually because the pieces of equipment are simpler and there is less to go wrong. However, whether it’s kitchen or refrigeration equipment, be very careful when buying. As you would with a car, don’t ever go for something that is ‘as seen’ or ‘as is’. This usually means that it may well be working for you to see it right now in the auction house or shop, but as soon as you get it home, you’ll have a large piece of effectively useless metal.
Restaurant Equipment can also be acquired via auctions and this can often lead to a great deal being snapped up, if you know what you are doing. If you are seriously considering getting your hands on some restaurant equipment, I would seriously recommend taking a look at this ‘buying restaurant equipment at an auction’ article; it gives you some great insights and some things to be aware of. Great little read.


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