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First Class Recipes
By Dominique Henderson

I tried this it's pretty amazing, I wasn't sure what kind of product I was getting for my money, but I was pretty impressed initially by the price of the all the cook books, it was a great deal.

Once I got the cook books and I saw the multitude of recipes within each book, there are bbq recipes, bread recipes,

appetizers, awesome breakfast recipes, even the many options of wines and other alcoholic beverages suggested for specific meals and how to make them.

I love First Class Recipes! It's no more eating out for me, the restaurant is right in my home lol. I would spend a lot of money out at the restaurants as well because to me there was nothing like that restaurant taste. I brought that taste home!

I used to struggle sometimes too with which restaurant to go to, certain restaurants have specific food or appetizer choices that they only can specialize in, well now with these cook books I am able to combine a variety of choice all at once of food and/or appetizers that I would normally choose from at certain restaurants.

Not only that, the bbq recipes are so amazing. Trust me, I was no bbq wizard, but bbq parties are always at my house now!

How can we forget about the wines and spirits, only restaurants can made them just perfectly, but the secrets to how they are made, mixed and meshed are revealed. I am my own personal bartender! Unfortunately the books don't tell you how to juggle the bottles, lol, but it's ok, I am definitely satisfied.


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