Traeger Grills Guide  

Traeger Grills

target=_blank>Traeger Grills started up in 1990 and have become synonymous with grilling. So much so that they have coined the phrase Ďtraegeríing as opposed to actually grilling. It uses wood pellets instead of gas or coal, and it is flavoured, so not only does the food taste great, but itís environmentally friendly and healthier for your family.

Whatís even better is that you donít have to slave over a Traeger, like you would a normal BBQ or grill. You set the temperature you want, put the meat inside and let it go.

Whilst firefighting has become part of BBQing or grilling, but wouldnít it be great to have meats that tasted great, were juicy and succulent and didnít have that thick layer of charcoal on them, that Dad seems to think is necessary when BBQing? The Traeger Grill lets you do exactly this. The food is cooked using indirect heat and any drips are safely channeled away straight into a bucket for easy disposal. This really is No stress cooking at itís best.


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